What is a Sales Process?

A sales process is a blueprint for accomplishing sales goals and having sales reps replicate a desired level of performance. 

It lays out a step-by-step process that a salesman can follow to convert an early-stage lead into a new customer.

Several different selling activities may be included in each step of the sales process.

You began by prospecting, then built rapport before determining needs and giving your presentation. After that, you had to overcome obstacles like objections before you could close the deal or acquire the job. Closing the deal may be simple if you did a nice and comprehensive job in each of the previous processes.

It could also be the most difficult, challenging, and difficult step, leaving you scratching your head and considering a career change.

Closing sales is what you get paid for or what you will be hired for if you are in sales or attempting to get into sales. You'll join the ranks of the unemployed if you don't close or don't close enough. Simply put, your employer recruited you to generate income by closing sales and converting leads into customers.

Closing is also the point at which most salespeople feel anxious, lose confidence, try too hard, or simply avoid closing at all. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of closing tips and tactics available, the greatest method to close a transaction is to flawlessly complete each stage leading up to the closing step.

Instead of focusing on what the seller needs, a smart sale process connects with your potential buyer's purchasing journey.

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